Seamless Global Freight Solutions: Transco International's Tailored Services and Expertise

Sea freight involves transporting goods via shipping vessels, either in containers or in bulk form. Unlike air freight, sea freight is more cost-efficient due to the larger capacity of shipping vessels and lower operational costs. A typical container-shipping vessel can carry thousands of containers, making sea freight the preferred choice for many businesses.

At Transco, we offer two main methods for sea freight:

  • Full Container Load (FCL): This option is for shipments that fill an entire 20ft or 40ft container, exclusively for your cargo.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL): With LCL, your cargo shares space in a container with other shipments, making it a cost-effective solution for smaller loads.

When you choose sea freight with Transco, you provide details about your cargo, such as dimensions, weight, and description. This helps us determine whether FCL or LCL shipping is suitable for your needs. We also assist with documentation, including specifying the type of cargo (commercial or personal) and commodity for commercial freight.

Sea freight shipments are subject to restrictions, including prohibited items such as live animals, plants, food, alcohol, drugs, firearms, and flammable products.

Contact Transco to ensure compliance with sea freight procedures and to simplify the process of shipping your cargo via sea freight. Let us handle your logistics needs efficiently and affordably.

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