Airborne Logistics: Efficient Global Freight Transport

Air freight stands as the pinnacle of rapid and reliable transportation in the modern era. With its unparalleled speed and efficiency, it serves as the backbone of global trade networks, seamlessly connecting businesses and markets across continents. From perishable goods requiring immediate delivery to high-value products demanding utmost security, our air freight offers unmatched versatility and agility. Leveraging advanced technologies and stringent logistics protocols, our air freight ensures the swift and safe movement of goods, meeting the dynamic demands of today’s interconnected world. 
If you want your cargo to deliver immediately, then you need our air freight. With the better capacity and flexibility Transco network system and our long term partnerships are able to provide you the best solution.
air freight

Our Air Freight Solutions

Air Freight involves the transportation of goods via airplane, often used for time-sensitive urgent shipments or expensive products. While it’s faster than sea freight, there are considerations for safety and legality.

At Transco, when you choose air freight, we offer two options: consolidated freight (multiple shipments on the same flight) or direct services (single shipment).

To get started, simply contact us for an air freight quote based on weight and dimensions. We calculate the chargeable weight and advise on duty, taxes, and delivery costs. You can either have Transco collect your packed cargo (RFT-Ready for Transport) or assist with packing. The cargo is then processed, cleared through origin customs, and loaded onto the plane. For consolidated freight, this may take a few days.

Upon arrival, the cargo goes through customs, is cleared after duty and tax payment, and delivered to the destination address.

However, air freight has restrictions, including explosives, gases, flammable items, chemicals, and more. Speak to us at Transco to ensure proper procedures for air freight shipments. Let us help you ship your cargo via air freight smoothly and efficiently.

On time delivery

Door to Door and Port to Port Services

Door to door: Direct delivery; Port to port: Shipping between specific ports, requiring inland transportation coordination.

Provide and Guide to Complete the Documentation

Guidance provided for accurate completion of required documentation, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Cargo Pickup

Scheduled collection of goods from specified location, ensuring timely and efficient transportation process.

Cargo Link Service

Connecting shipments efficiently, ensuring smooth transportation and delivery processes worldwide.