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Transco International can provide you the space to store your goods in our Head office and to our personal stores. You can be certain about your packages because we are monitoring our storage via video monitoring systems and also we are maintaining alarm systems 24/7.

Always remember...

  • To use Transco provided boxes for better protection.

  • Use Bubble warp, plastic covers help you to protect your goods such as glass products and electronics.

  • Always label your packages it makes easy to you to identify your packages and also to unpack the box when you need.


Appliances and furniture


All the goods must be dry, clean and empty the storages in the fridge or in furniture if possible you must detach the items, which helps us to gain more space and time.


Glass and ceramic products


Always use proper wrapping methods such as bubble wrapping. Fill the gaps to prevent hard collisions inside. You must use the fragile sign before you handover the products. If you don’t have enough resource to protect or provide appropriate signs your goods please get our crew help at any Transco office.


Metal products


You must use proper materials and methods to prevent damages and rust. If you are going to transport metal items please contact us for better advice.


Electronic items


Electronic items need special care, if you are providing your electronic items with the original package we can accept it to proceed it to the next step, if not we are offering you protection materials. All the items must wrap by bubble wrap individually and we also provide boxes. Always remember to fill the gaps to avoid inside collisions.  


Need help?


If you don’t know how to pack your goods in appropriate way we highly recommending you to contact us or meet us at any Transco service centre. We are not accepting illegal, stolen, explosive items, inflammable, lethal liquids such as acid, paint, liquid fuel or any harmful products.   

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