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Frozen cargo

Transco international provides you frozen cargo service in north and South island in New Zealand. We have years of experience of transporting frozen cargo in New Zealand and worldwide, our worldwide Transco network will help our customers to provide all the facilities with efficiency.


These are some tips to remember when you shipping frozen cargo


  • You must not exceed the maximum height of the container.

  • Humidity level and ventilations must be closed.

  • Packings must be moisture resist and must be able to maintain the temperature.

  • Cargo must me pre frozen to the ideal temperature.

  • All the required labels must be set on such as temperature labels, fragile labels, this way up labels

  • Requirements must be written on given documentation.


If you are transporting frozen cargo it is very important to remember to keep the temperature steady for any goods, make sure that you store the goods solidly without keeping any spaces between the box and the walls of that particular unit.



If you want to know our Chill/Frozen cargo rates Cleck here...

For Chill/Frozen-Trail Lift Requirement rates Click here...


Please send us your item details to get a quotation.

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